Dachshund Spinal Neurosurgery

Happy Friday! Everyone meet Dutchess, a fearless 6-year old Dachshund. For the last few months she had been suffering from hind limb ataxia. Hind limb ataxia is a condition relating to a sensory dysfunction which produces loss of coordination of the limbs. In most cases, neurosurgery is required to correct this. 
Dutchess appeared to be very weak and was brought in by her parents to see Dr.

MDC Veterinary

Hercules & MDC Veterinary Technician Program

Happy Friday! What goes around truly does come back around. Meet Hercules, a 120-pound American Bulldog. He was taking a ride with his owner when he became fixated on the motorcycle in front of him. He began to bark at the motorcycle while at a red light when he collapsed.
Hercules’ owners knew exactly where to go.

Elbow Incongruity

Elbow Incongruity

Edy is a playful 8-month old Jack Russell Terrier. She came to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a veterinary surgery consultation for forelimb lameness due to elbow incongruity. Elbow incongruity occurs when the radius and the ulna (two different bones in the forelimb) do not grow at the same speed rate which eventually causes future abnormalities and joint problems.

Ovarian Tumor

Feline Ovarian Tumor

Kiki is an adorable black and white 8-year old cat. She was referred to us by her primary care veterinarian. Her owners explained that she was being very lethargic and even lost her appetite. This prompted them to visit their family veterinarian. During her physical examination, her doctor found a mid-abdominal mass for which she was referred to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a closer look.


Meet Kalik!

Meet Kalik, a playful 6-year old Poodle. His human parents brought him in because he started limping after playing at the dog park last week. His left hind leg that started presenting this problem and the limping continued for the next 5 days. After not seeing any improvement, they decided to bring him in to Miami Veterinary Specialists.

Urinary Issues

Feline Urinary Issues

Meet this very good looking 3-year old cat named Handsome🐱. He came in to Miami Veterinary Specialists this week because he was having difficulties urinating.

Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our four ACVS Board-Certified Surgeons, evaluated Handsome the handsome Feline and after carefully discussing the results with his parents, it was decided that surgery would be Handsome’s best option.

Blondie’s Story

Happy Monday! Today we have a great story to share with everyone and it’s about Blondie, a brave 8-year old Dachshund mix. Blondie was rescued and adopted by her parents when she was about 2- years old. She quickly became a very special member of the family and built a strong bond with her younger brother Buddy, a now 6-year old blonde Labrador. A couple nights ago nights ago Blondie and Buddy were

annie's surgery

Annie’s Surgery

Annie is a 9 1/2 year-old spayed female mixed breed dog.  She can easily be described as a very feisty girl bursting with personality.  She is also very obedient according to her “mom” Alina.  Which is why it was very surprising that Annie ran into the street and was hit by a car on Friday,