Elbow Incongruity

Elbow Incongruity

Edy is a playful 8-month old Jack Russell Terrier. She came to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a veterinary surgery consultation for forelimb lameness due to elbow incongruity. Elbow incongruity occurs when the radius and the ulna (two different bones in the forelimb) do not grow at the same speed rate which eventually causes future abnormalities and joint problems.

She was seen by Dr. Laura D’Amico, one of our newest ACVS Board-Certified Surgeons. After carefully going over the best options for Edy with her owners, it was concluded that a CT scan would help guide Dr. D’ Amico to the best surgical plan for Edy. Her CT scan was performed and it revealed the extent of the incongruity, helping Dr. D’Amico decide which type of surgical procedure was best to follow.

Dr. D’Amico was able to perform a successful bilateral proximal ulnar ostectomy on both of her forelimbs. Edy now appears to be on a good path to recovery. Even though she is still showing signs of mild soreness, she has been able to bear weight on her forelimbs for short periods of time. She was sent back home today, but will be back soon for a recheck. What a good start to Edy’s week! Here is a picture of Edy giving some love to Mabel, one of our dedicated veterinary technicians.

Edy Mabel

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