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PEt DIALYSIS TREATMENT CEnter at Miami Veterinary Specialists

Our center specializes in providing advanced hemodialysis and blood purification services for small animals, offering cutting-edge veterinary therapeutics in the heart of Miami. 

Hemodialysis is a vital and rapidly evolving field within veterinary medicine, allowing us to effectively manage life-threatening uremia in dogs and cats with the help of modern technology and techniques.

Our center is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide specialized treatment options for animals suffering from kidney failure, particularly those for whom conventional medical treatments have proven ineffective. 

At MVS Pet Dialysis Treatment Center, we understand that there are situations where traditional medical treatments may not be sufficient. Hemodialysis stands out as a safe, indispensable, and highly effective option for animals facing uremia, refractory acute renal failure, life-threatening over hydration, or acute poisoning.

The science of hemodialysis

In healthy animals, the kidneys maintain chemical and fluid balance while removing metabolic waste products from the bloodstream. However, animals with kidney disease cannot perform these essential functions, leading to alterations in body composition and the accumulation of toxins, resulting in a condition known as uremia.

 Hemodialysis, a process rooted in the principles of diffusion, is employed to address this issue. During hemodialysis, the patient’s blood is circulated through an artificial kidney containing numerous tiny “straws,” which are semi-permeable membranes. These membranes allow toxins to diffuse out of the blood while retaining essential proteins and cells within the bloodstream. As the blood circulates, metabolic wastes and excess fluid are systematically removed and discarded.

FREQuently asked questions (FAQs)

In fact, our animal patients generally tolerate hemodialysis therapy quite comfortably. Sedation is rarely necessary, and we do not perform any invasive medical procedures during dialysis. Pets are placed on cozy, warm beds and have the freedom to move around, eat, drink, and rest as they please. Throughout the process, our medical team provides continuous care, interaction, and tender loving care. 

At first, patients are admitted to the hospital. The duration of their hospital stay largely depends on the underlying reason for requiring dialysis. Once your pet’s condition stabilizes, they can spend time at home in between their dialysis treatments.

Dialysis does not serve as a cure for kidney issues; instead, it offers supportive care by temporarily taking over the role of the kidneys. The need for dialysis continues until kidney function is restored.

The number of appointments necessary will depend on the specific disease and the severity of the kidney damage.

Typically, the dialysis sessions last around 4-5 hours. Your pets will be dropped off in the morning and spend the day under the care of our dialysis team.

FOr REFERRING VETS: Clinical uses of hemodialysis

Hemodialysis sets a new standard of care for a variety of diseases and clinical conditions where effective medical alternatives are limited or nonexistent. 

Some of the critical clinical uses of hemodialysis include:

At Miami Veterinary Specialists, we are committed to advancing the field of veterinary medicine by providing exceptional hemodialysis and blood purification services. 

Our mission is to ensure that every small animal in our care receives the best possible treatment and a chance at a healthier, happier life.

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