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Why Choose Miami Veterinary Specialists?

Miami Veterinary Specialists is a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital. For more than 20 years, MVS’s goal has continued to be a hospital that meets and exceeds the specialty needs of the veterinary community in Miami and the Florida Keys.
As the leading South Florida Pet Specialists, we pride ourselves in having a diverse healthcare team built of board-certified specialists, certified veterinary technicians, and emergency veterinarians. Our distinct group of individuals from various backgrounds allows pets to receive the most advanced, effective, and best healthcare available.
Serving as a regional referral, emergency, and critical care center, our specialized staff treats cases requiring advanced surgical and medical procedures. 

The animal hospital is doctor-staffed 24-hours a day. MVS hospital is staffed and equipped with avant-garde diagnostic, anesthetic, imaging, and surgical equipment to provide 24-hour management for its critical patients. In addition, MVS is equipped and staffed to handle most secondary and tertiary care problems.

What Makes Miami Veterinary Specialists different from other vet hospitals?

A board-certified specialist has expertise and training in the management of complex and unusual problems. To be awarded Diplomacy in their respective specialties, veterinarians must complete the certification and testing requirements of the various specialty boards. In addition, specialists require several more years of training after the completion of the veterinary program. Certification also requires passing national specialty board examinations and literature publications.

MVS does not offer routine veterinary care. However, we work with your veterinarian to treat and resolve the initial problem. For this reason, you should contact your veterinarian to schedule further follow-up appointments. Maintaining scheduled vaccines and routine health care is vital for your pet’s continued well-being.

The MVS healthcare team will maintain open communications with your primary care veterinarian, updating your pet’s diagnosis and treatment progress. 

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