Bone fragments

Keep Pets Away From Bones!

Meet Eva, a 6-year old Papillon. She was brought into Miami Veterinary Specialists’ 24 Hour Animal Emergency Hospital yesterday because she got herself into some trouble. Her owners explained that she managed to get into the garbage and ate several rib bones! It wasn’t long before she started vomiting excessively, expelling bone fragments.

Our specialty staff took several x-rays. After reviewing the results, a few different medical options were discussed with her owners. Due to the excessive bone fragments found in her stomach, surgery was the best way to make sure to clear it all out.

Today, Eva had a successful gastrotnomy surgery performed by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our ACVS board certified surgeons. Her owners were notified that the surgery was successful and that she is already recovering from the anesthesia. She will stay with us during the weekend under medical observation before going back home. We think that it will be a while before she gets to like rib bones again!

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