Ovarian Tumor

Feline Ovarian Tumor

Kiki is an adorable black and white 8-year old cat. She was referred to us by her primary care veterinarian. Her owners explained that she was being very lethargic and even lost her appetite. This prompted them to visit their family veterinarian. During her physical examination, her doctor found a mid-abdominal mass for which she was referred to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a closer look.
She was seen by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our ACVS board-certified surgeons, who took an abdominal ultrasound. It confirmed increased tissue opacity in the abdomen but it did not identify the source of the mass. After carefully discussing the best options for Kiki with her parents, Dr. Evans recommended an abdominal exploratory surgery, which was performed successfully. During the surgery, it was confirmed that the mass was located in her left ovary.

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Also, an ovariohysterectomy (spay) was performed, meaning that the mass, the uterus and the ovaries were removed and submitted for examination. Kiki recovered fantastically and was already eating the day after the surgery. Here is a picture of Kiki, a picture of her mass and a picture of Anthony taking care of her after the surgery. He is one of our wonderful certified veterinary technicians who works closely with Dr. Evans. She was sent home with pain medication, but she will be back soon for her suture removal and to go over her test results. If necessary, Kiki will also be seen by our board-certified oncologist. We hope that you all have a good start of your week just like Kiki!

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