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Hercules & MDC Veterinary Technician Program

Happy Friday! What goes around truly does come back around. Meet Hercules, a 120-pound American Bulldog. He was taking a ride with his owner when he became fixated on the motorcycle in front of him. He began to bark at the motorcycle while at a red light when he collapsed.
Hercules’ owners knew exactly where to go. Professor Rousseau, Hercules’ mom, teaches at the Veterinary Technology Program at Miami Dade College. In fact, she taught four of the certified veterinary technicians here at Miami Veterinary Specialists and was thrilled that her years of teaching would now pay off.
When Hercules arrived at Miami Veterinary Specialists, he presented with a distended abdomen, heavy panting and lethargy. A tumor was suspected and x-rays were performed to confirm that nothing had metastasized. Dr. Laura D’ Amico, who is the latest addition to our team of ACVS board-certified surgeons, performed an emergency splenectomy where the suspected (and ruptured) tumor was found in the spleen. The excessive barking may have led to the tumor rupture which caused heavy bleeding in the abdomen.
Just one day after surgery – here is Hercules with Professor Rousseau’s four MDC Veterinary Technology program graduates (from left to right: Mimi, Zisko, Anthony and Karina). It is clear that Hercules knows he is a dog surrounded with love and dedication. Our certified veterinary technicians are grateful for everything they have learned from their awesome professor at MDC. Being that she comes from a veterinary background, we’re thrilled that she has trusted us with her own fur baby.

Hows that for good karma? What better way to say “thank-you”.

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