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Peanut the Orangutan Update

When Linda Jacobs moved to Miami from Boston 32 years ago, she never expected people would come to know her as the “Orangutan Mom.”

After settling down in South Florida, Jacobs began visiting what was then known as Parrot Jungle

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Neurological Conditions in Pets

When we’re considering ailments that might affect our pets, we typically think of fleas, worms, allergies, ear and eye conditions, but neurological disorders are a very real concern that owners need to be aware of.  Veterinary neurology treats diseases of …


National Pet Day

Today we celebrate one of our greatest holidays: National Pet Day! National Pet Day was created to drive awareness to those pets who aren’t fortunate enough to have a loving home. It also serves as a day to go above …

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Hidden Danger For Pets At Home

Veterinarians Caution Pet Owners About Dangers Lurking In Home
Barbara A. Besteni, Managing Editor
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MIAMI — While our homes are typically considered safe havens, they can also be full of potential danger, especially for our …


MDC Veterinary Technology Program

Miami Veterinary Specialists serves as clinical site for MDC Vet Tech Students
The Miami Dade College Veterinary Technology Program offers an ideal educational experience to the aspiring vet techs of South Florida. Being one of only four fully-accredited programs by …

Dog Dental

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that along with being American Heart Month for humans, February is also National Pet Dental Health Month?  Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), this designated month is a reminder to pet owners that brushing their …

Happy Visit the Zoo Day!

December 27th is Visit The Zoo Day! Take advantage of this day to have fantastic family fun while supporting some of our local zoos, such as Zoo Miami and Jungle Island. Elephants, lions, crocodiles, and orangutans are just a few …


Happy National Mutt Day!

Today is National Mutt Day! This day was founded by Colleen Paige in 2005 with the purpose of embracing, supporting, and saving all types of mixed breed dogs.
Unfortunately, mutts fall into the biggest percentage of euthanized dogs due to …