Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that along with being American Heart Month for humans, February is also National Pet Dental Health Month?  Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), this designated month is a reminder to pet owners that brushing their pet’s teeth can result in long-term savings.

While most pet owners stay on top of their pets’ vaccinations and check-ups, it’s easy to forget about the importance of routine dental care to maintain good oral health.  This can be a problem, as periodontal disease is the most common health problem that veterinarians find in pets.  Many of these conditions can be very painful and can even lead to serious systemic conditions – an untreated dental infection can spread to the heart, kidneys and other organs, and suddenly become life-threatening.

While regular dental checkups are essential to help maintain pets’ oral health, there are a number of signs that dental disease has already started. If you notice any of the symptoms below, make sure to get your pet checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible:

  • Bad breath – while most pets have breath that is less than fresh, if it becomes truly repugnant, that’s a sign that periodontal disease has already started.
  • Frequent pawing or rubbing at the face and/or mouth.
  • Reluctance to eat hard foods.
  • Red swollen gums and brownish teeth.

For more information on this topic, you can visit the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website and read more at

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