Pneumonia in Dogs

Meet little Dinosaur, a 10-week old Beagle. He was presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists because he had been coughing for a week, had a decreased appetite, was drinking less water and becoming very lethargic.

Before coming to MVS, Dinosaur was hospitalized due to other health complications like depression, nasal discharge, congested lungs and conjunctivitis. It was after they noticed that Dinosaur was not improving, that his owners decided to bring him to MVS.

Dinosaur was seen by Dr. Cerovsky, one of our veterinarians. During his examination, Dr. Cerovsky discussed with Dinosaur’s owners the available options for him. After taking his thoracic radiographs, she was able to diagnose him with severe pneumonia in his cranial lung lobes. Pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs, which is caused by the response of tissues to injury, irritation or infection. The inflammation is characterized by an accumulation of inflammatory cells and fluid in the lungs, airways and alveoli. Most cases of pneumonia in dogs are caused by a bacterial infection.

Dr. Cerovsky performed blood work to rule out other health complications. Based on his results, Dinosaur’s pneumonia was most likely a bacterial pneumonia. His blood work also revealed iron deficiency anemia, which is normally caused by hookworms (most common cause in puppies). Because of his disease, Dinosaur was also dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized. He was treated with IV fluids, antibiotics and a dewormer. He stayed with us for several days for additional monitoring. His radiographs were repeated and showed some improvement. Normally, pneumonia takes several weeks to several months to completely resolve. He did very well during his stay at MVS but still has a long way before he recovers completely.

He was sent back home with antibiotics and a dewormer, but will be back for a recheck exam (radiographs and blood work) to monitor the improvement of his anemia and pneumonia. It will take some time before Dinosaur can go back to his regulAARGHHH puppy activities.


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