Orion Cat

Orion the Cat

Meet Orion, a 3-year old cat. He arrived at Miami Veterinary Specialists during our emergency hours for suspected urinary blockage. A few weeks ago, Orion was taken to his primary care veterinarian for abnormal urination. He was prescribed with medication and his radiographs were taken, which didn’t show any present abnormalities. However, Orion continued with abnormal urination and will go to the litter box and attempt to urinate for about 5 minutes. The owner also reported that he had been licking at his genitals more often.
He was seen by Dr. Candyce Thompson and Dr. Rebecca Aldoretta, two of our veterinarians. During Orion’s examination, he was diagnosed with urethral obstruction and a FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). A urethral obstruction is a common condition found in male cats. It occurs when the urethra (tube that drains the urine out) develops obstruction. Obstructions are the result of inflammatory material, mucus, crystal and calculi.

On the other hand, a FLUTD is a collection of clinical signs that include urination in inappropriate places, painful/difficult urination or partial/complete urethral obstruction.
After discussing the surgical and non-surgical options with Orion’s owner, they decided that the placement of a urinary catheter was the best option for Orion. The catheter’s function is to flush and drain any sediment blocking the urinary tract. We performed blood work along with a urinalysis (urine exam) to make sure that there were no other signs of infection or other systemic illnesses.

During the last night of his stay, he was able to urinate successfully without a catheter. The following morning, he was able to go back home to his loving owner with prescribed medications.

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