Dolly’s TECA-BO

Dolly is a 5-year old Shih Tzu Mix. She was presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists for an evaluation of her right ear due to chronic ear infections (otitis). Her primary care veterinarian referred Dolly for a TECA-BO procedure or Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy on her right ear. A year ago, Dolly had a TECA performed on her left ear at another practice.

A TECA-BO surgery is performed after chronic otitis cannot be medically managed. During this procedure, the ear canal, as well as all glandular tissue (within the bulla), is removed because the glandular tissue can be the source of chronic inflammation and infection of the ear.

Dolly was seen by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our board-certified surgeons. During Dolly’s examination, it was decided that a CT scan of her skull was going to be performed to closely analyze Dolly’s ear canals and bullae. The CT scan showed that there was fluid present in her left ear despite the previous TECA procedure, and also confirmed chronic otitis in the right ear. She underwent a successful right-sided TECA-BO performed by Dr. Evans. During the surgery, purulent (pus) discharge was present in her right ear canal and there was narrowing of the canal as predicted by the CT scan.

Dolly returned to MVS for suture removal and for her rechecks. Her recovery has been fantastic and she will probably be back at the beginning of next year for a TECA revision and BO on her left ear due to the fluid that was found in it.


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