Want to Play

Pets Just Want to Play Too…

ith kids being out of school and the days lasting a little longer comes more leisure and play time, especially outdoors.  Many of us are also taking the time to do more work in our yards and around the house – including mowing the lawn, working the flowerbeds and tending to weeds.  All of this outdoor activity can mean more hazards for our pets – fertilizers, machinery, tools and toys.

It is very important for pet-owners to do a safety check of the products and plants used in both the home and yard, as some of them are potentially life-threatening dangers for animals.  Simple steps such as reading labels for poisoning information, keeping an eye on your pet when they’re outside with you, and knowing how to induce vomiting if necessary can help protect your pets.

Other outdoor concerns to keep in mind during this time of year are the mushrooms that can sometimes grow quickly in our yards after the rains, as they can be extremely attractive and deadly to pets. The cocoa mulch that is popular in the gardening section is attractive and toxic to our pets and should not avoided if possible. Additionally, mouse, rat and snail poisons are frequently and liberally used especially at this time of year, so that is another thing to keep an eye on.

With more outdoor activity, pet-owners must also make sure to be cautious with toys that may be left on the lawn and around the pool.  From rubber balls to pool floats, you never know what might catch your pet’s attention, so it’s important to be aware of what’s laying around while they’re enjoying time outside.


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