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Medical Reports: Hi-Tech Pets

Reported by: Diana Diaz

WSVN — This is how Maureen Pearcy is used to seeing her beloved dog Butch act happy and carefree wrestling with his friend Sundance in the backyard, but things were very different. Earlier this summer Maureen came home to a frightening scene.

Maureen Pearcy: “Apparently, a polyp had ruptured and was sticking out of him and there was blood everywhere.”
Three years before, Butch had the same problem and had surgery to remove a polyp from his colon. Maureen didn’t want him to go through that again because the recovery took weeks.

Maureen Pearcy: “He wasn’t allowed to jump, no running, only short walks.”

She took Butch to Miami Veterinary Specialists where doctors gave her good news. They would be able to remove butch’s polyp without surgery!

Miami Veterinary Specialist Internist: “We have a lot of access to high-tech equipment that we can using minimally-invasive techniques to get at a diagnosis.”

Doctors here say advances in medicine for people are now being applied to pets with great results before vets would have to open up an animal to determine what was wrong then try and treat the problem. Now technology is helping them avoid the OR in many cases.

Miami Veterinary Specialist Internist: “We go in to try and get a diagnosis using these techniques without having to make large incisions or prolonged hospital stays.”

For example, cat scans are used to get a much clearer picture of what’s going on inside the body.

Miami Veterinary Specialist Internist: “We can see the abnormality right there, right between the disc space.”

If your pet is having stomach problems an ltrasound can pinpoint what’s wrong and even techniques like endoscopy can be used to help reach a diagnosis without cutting.

Miami Veterinary Specialist Internist: “We could look around to see if there are any visual abnormalities.”

The good news for Butch, his polyp was removed with a scope without surgery.

Maureen Pearcy: “It was very quick and he seemed like he was doing great as soon as we brought him home.”
Diana Diaz: “Vets tell us they are adding another tool to help them treat pets an MRI machine should be set up in the next two months.”

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