Portrait of a female vet with a cute dog

National Microchipping Month


An estimated 10 million pets get lost every year. Without any kind of identification, only 10% of these pets are returned to their families.

National Microchipping Month serves as a reminder to have your pet microchipped if you haven’t already, and equally as important – to register the microchip! Although you may have never lost a pet, about 1/3 pets do get lost at least once in their lifetime. This applies to both cats and dogs.

If you’re concerned that the microchip implant may be painful to your pet – do not worry! The chip is the size of a grain of rice. Inserting the chip is quick and no more painful than a routine vaccine.

Our pets are a huge part of our family – we’re sure you can agree! And losing a pet can be detrimental. This is why we ask you to please have your pet microchipped if you have not already – and to spread the word to other pet owners. Miami-Dade County Animal Services will implant the microchip for only $15. Many primary-care veterinarians also provide the service.

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