Penny's Gastroenteritis

Penny’s Gastroenteritis Update

Remember Penny? She was here last December due to a severe gastroenteritis.

Dr. Evans performed a successful surgery on Penny in order to treat her gastrointestinal issues. Two months later, Penny came back to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a recheck.

Penny’s owner shared that she has recovered fantastically! She is already back to being the happy & healthy dog that she used to be. Did you know? Penny is an emotional support furry friend! This means that her parents can take her anywhere with them while she provides various therapeutic benefits. Extra love, affection and companionship are one of the many comforts given by these special pets. Penny didn’t leave MVS without posing next to Anthony. Anthony is Dr. Evans’ wonderful certified veterinary technician, who is obviously part of Penny’s success story!

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