Lil Jo’s Laparotomy

Lil Jo is a 2-year old American Bulldog. He was referred to Miami Veterinary Specialists by his primary care veterinarian for a surgery consultation. Radiographs taken at his primary care veterinarian were telling of intestine foreign body. They clearly showed that he had dilated intestinal loops and a suspicious foreign material in the small intestines.

Lil Jo was seen by Dr. Samson Daniel, one of our veterinarians. After discussing the surgical and non-surgical options for Lil Jo with his owners, it was decided that an exploratory laparotomy was the best option for him.

An exploratory laparotomy is a method of abdominal exploration, which allows doctors to examine the abdominal organs. It is used to determine the source of pain or the extent of injury in order to proceed with the right medical treatment.

Following the exploratory laparotomy, Dr. Daniel proceeded with a successful enterotomy. An enterotomy is the medical term for an incision within the intestine. It is performed to repair the intestine or remove a foreign body from it. In Lil Jo’s case, this procedure was performed to remove a golf glove!

One day after the surgery, Lil Jo is looking great and his owners can stop thinking about the whereabouts of their missing golf glove.

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