Addison’s Disease

Addison’s Disease

Meet Pixie, a 9-year old West Highland White Terrier. She was referred to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a consultation with one of our specialists. She has a history of high liver enzymes. Dog’s livers produce several enzymes, and at higher levels, it is a sign of liver disease and poor liver health. After a series of diagnostic tests, an abdominal ultrasound and radiographs, she was diagnosed with bladder stones and Atypical Addison’s disease.

Bladder stones in dogs are also known as urinary calculi. It occurs when stones form anywhere in the urinary tract. They can also be found in the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. In Pixie’s case, they were formed in the bladder. On the other hand, Addison’s Disease is a disease that results from the reduction in corticosteroid secretion from the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland is a small gland located near the kidney that secretes several different substances that help regulate normal body functions. This disease is very common in West Highland White Terriers. In Pixie’s case, only a part of her adrenal gland is poorly functioning, leading to the Atypical aspect of the disease.

Pixie was seen by Dr. Christopher Potanas, one of our veterinary surgeons. He carefully went over surgical and non-surgical options with Pixie’s owners. It was decided that surgery was the best option to remove her bladder stones. Dr. Potanas performed a successful surgical procedure called cystotomy. During a cystotomy the bladder is accessed and incised through a small abdominal incision, stones are removed and the urinary tract is flushed thoroughly to make sure that no stones are left behind.

To control Pixie’s Atypical Addison’s Disease, she was only prescribed Prednisone, which is a medication that contains corticosteroid and helps regulate normal body functions.

Pixie was sent home, where thanks to her loving owners’ care, she was able to recover fantastically. She paid us a final visit for a recheck and to remove her sutures. We are all glad to know that she is back to feeling herself again!

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