Jackson’s Surgery

Meet Jackson, a 9-year old handsome poodle. He was referred to Miami Veterinary Specialists by his primary care veterinarian for a consultation with one of our Specialists.

Jackson was seen by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our Board-Certified Surgeons. He presented for evaluation of a mass on the tendons of the right foot. Jackson’s owner was also concerned about panic attacks or anxiety during which Jackson pants excessively. Dr. Evans performed surgery to debulk the mass associated with the tendons of Jackson’s right rear foot. The mass was entwined with the flexor tendons and could not be removed completely without severing the tendons. Therefore, the masses were debulked, removing as much as possible without compromising the function of the tendons.

A soft padded bandage was placed following surgery and changed the morning after surgery The mass was previously biopsied and diagnosed as inflammatory tissue. The debulked tissue was submitted for histopathology to confirm or correct the diagnosis. The results came revealed that the mass was benign!

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