Bobby’s Emergency

This is Bobby, a 7-year old male Pug. He was transferred from Pet 911 to Miami Veterinary Specialists after being attacked by a much larger dog. He was treated for shock, was stabilized and bite wounds to his head were clipped and cleaned. Also, performed radiographs confirmed that Bobby suffered from a right mandibular fracture.

Bobby was seen by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our Board-Certified Surgeons. Dr. Evans then moved forward with a surgery to repair his mandibular fracture. During the surgery, three very loose teeth were extracted to prevent pain from the tooth root lesions. Additionally, a staphylectomy was performed. During this procedure, his elongated soft palate was resected to help Bobby breathe better. Breathing difficulties due to physical characteristics is very common in his breed.

You’ll be glad to hear that Bobby did great during and after the surgery! He is currently on a great path to recovery and is being given lots of love and care by his owners.

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