Gastrointenstinal Obstruction

Gus the Pug’s Gastrointenstinal Obstruction

Meet Gus, an 11-year old Pug. He flew all the way from Bahamas to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a surgery consultation and possible emergency surgery. He presented to MVS for a probable gastrointestinal foreign body obstruction.

Gus was seen by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our Board-Certified Surgeons. He has a history of ingesting foreign objects and has even had surgery in the past (by our own Dr. Evans) to remove foreign objects that were obstructing his intestines. Gus had a decreased appetite and abdominal soreness a few days prior to being presented. Radiographs performed by his primary care veterinarian confirmed the presence of a foreign object in his intestines without evidence of obstruction. A second round of radiographs were performed by Dr. Evans, which again confirmed the foreign body, but with loss of detail in the cranial abdomen. What this means is that there was fluid present possibly caused by a ruptured intestine, pancreatitis, etc.

Dr. Evans performed a successful exploratory laparotomy, which is a surgical procedure where the abdomen is opened for the examination of organs. The foreign object was found in the small intestine with two points of perforation present. This time, a rubber object (the rubber sole of a high heeled shoe) was the cause of Gus’s gastrointestinal signs!

Dr. Evans removed the object via an enterotomy, which is the surgical cutting open of the intestine. The perforated sites were debrided and closed, even though resection and anastomosis would have been preferred. Because of the severe adhesions between the loops of intestines (from prior surgeries), resection and anastomosis could not be performed. Active inflammation of the intestines was also noted especially near the site of the foreign body.

A few days after the surgery, his appetite returned and continued to improve and his abdomen became very comfortable.
Gus spent this past weekend in town before flying back home to the Bahamas. Gus is now at home, relaxing and on a great path to recovery . We are hoping that this is the last time that he goes through surgery for a foreign body removal. Take care Gus Gus!

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