Geographic Differences in Pet Cancers

Did you know that geography plays a role in differences in cancer in our dogs and cats? These differences can be attributed mostly to environmental factors and detection rates between regions.

Dr. Karen Oberthaler recently moved here from New York City and has noticed some significant differences in her patients.  For example, because Florida is conducive to sunbathing (for people and pets!),

Valentine’s Day Dangers for Pets

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, you may have a lot of sweet treats, especially chocolates, around the house, ready to give to your loved ones. But it’s especially important to keep in mind during this time of year just how dangerous chocolate, even in small amounts, can be to your pets. No matter how much you want to show your furry friends that you love them,

“Santa Paws"

Holiday Pet Toy Drive and “Santa Paws” Event

With a calendar full of holiday celebrations, don’t forget that this Wednesday, December 19, MVS will be sponsoring “Santa Paws,” a holiday party and pet toy drive from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at SLS Hotel’s Hyde Beach on South Beach.  The event will be hosted by PetNet, part of the Humane Society of Greater Miami that connects young professionals united by a love for animals.

Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day

Every year, the United Nations celebrates and recognizes volunteerism through the world. Last year alone, 64.5 million volunteers in the United States did their part in giving back to their community.  Join Miami Veterinary Specialists in recognizing the agents of change in our community, and check out some of the many ways that you can become involved.

“Santa Paws"

Holiday Gifts for Our Pets

With Thanksgiving behind us and the official start of the holiday season now here, it’s time to think about holiday shopping for loved ones, including pets of course.

According to the Associated Press, just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, equaling an average of $46 of toys and treats per pet. 


My Pet Has Cancer, Now What?

Last week, our oncologist presented a lecture to community members, veterinary students and other interested attendees at the South Florida Veterinary Foundation Lecture Series, held at the University of Miami.  Her informative and engaging presentation covered a variety of issues surrounding pets and cancer. She provided the following advice.

If your pet is diagnosed with cancer:

  • Don’t panic,
losing a pet

WSVN 7’s Parent to Parent: Losing a Pet

Dealing with a sick pet, or the loss of one, can be devastating for an adult, and especially for a child. So how do you talk to your kids about losing their cuddly companion? 7’s Lynn Martinez gets some expert advice in tonight’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Derek and his dog Hannibul have been inseparable since Derek was just three years old.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island Recognizes MVS

On Wednesday, November 14, representatives from Jungle Island thanked the staff at MVS for all of their hard work in saving Peanut, the beloved orangutan who was suffering from cancer.

Jungle Island presented a one-of-a-kind painting by Noel Kassewitz, commissioned by Jungle Island to express their gratitude to MVS for the life-saving surgery they performed on Peanut.