Susy’s Emergency

Meet Susy, a 6-year old Havanese mix. Her owner is Mimi, one of our most dedicated board-certified veterinary technicians. She was rushed to the Miami Veterinary Specialists Animal Emergency Room after she got hit by a car last night.
Dr. Rebecca Aldoretta and Dr. Stephanie Cervosky, two of our veterinarians, have been working on Susy’s case. Her x-rays were taken to make sure that her internal organs were intact and that there were no bone fractures present. Surprisingly, she only suffered from a couple of skin lacerations and the detachment of one of her back dewclaws (the equivalent of a human’s thumb).Her wounds were safely cleaned and bandaged and it looks like she is ready to go home today! However, she will be back to Miami Veterinary Specialists very soon for bandage changes and rechecks.

Susy must be very glad to know that her mommy is part of our amazing MVS team! Mimi will be able to monitor her wounds back at home before coming back for her rechecks. Feel better Susy.

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