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Adopt-A-Cat Month

Did you know June is Adopt a Cat Month? To celebrate, meet our friend Sugar, an adorable 5-year old Himalayan cat that was rescued by Pet

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Bladder Stones

Theo’s Bladder Stones

It’s Surgery Saturday! Meet Theodore, an adorable 8-year old Yorkshire Terrier who came to MVS to remove uroliths or bladder stones. He was operated on by

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday! This Memorial Day weekend, keep your furry friends safe and keep them away from these toxic foods! Remember, Miami Veterinary Specialists is open 24/7

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Cheerio the poodle

Cheerio the Poodle

Meet Cheerio, a 7 year old neutered male Poodle who presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists with an acute onset of abdominal pain and vomiting. After his

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Meet Ninja!

Ninja is a 6 1/2 year old now-neutered Yorkie who presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists with bilateral perineal hernias. At the time of presentation, he was

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Little Guy

Dr. Larin with Little Guy

Little Guy is a lovable 11 year old Yorkshire terrier that presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists last month because he was having trouble breathing. It turned

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