Sebastian ate something toxic!

Meet Sebastian, an 8-month old Pomeranian. Yesterday, he was brought in to Miami Veterinary Specialists during ER hours because he was lethargic, vomiting and disoriented. According to his owners, it is possible he might have ingested a toxic material found around the house (probably a plant since he likes to hang out in their yard often.) It is very important to take immediate action if you suspect that your pet might be suffering from intoxication, like Sebastian’s owners did. Make sure to observe your pet’s symptoms closely and look around to what your pet might have been exposed to.

Upon arriving to MVS, he was seen by Dr. Ivan Perez, one of our Emergency veterinarians. During the examination, Dr. Perez discussed the available options for Sebastian with his owners. In order to properly treat Sebastian’s complications, he ran a series of diagnostic tests, including blood work and x-rays. After reviewing his results, there was no exact answer of what might have been the cause of his possible intoxication.

He was quickly treated with Toxiban, a medication that prevents the absorption of various toxins by the stomach and intestine. Finally, after one day of medical observation and being treated with other medical fluids, our awesome MVS team was able to flush out the toxins. Sebastian is now ready to go back home today and start a new week! We are hoping that Sebastian’s curiosity does not lead him to try and eat “something” new again.


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