urinary obstruction

Urinary Obstruction

Meet Pinky, a 6-year old male Chihuahua. He presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists for constipation and straining to urinate for approximately one week.

He was seen by Dr. Rebecca Aldoretta and Dr. Samson Daniel, two of our veterinarians. Blood work tests and abdominal radiographs were performed. They revealed an extremely enlarged bladder and stones in his urethra, which were causing a urinary obstruction.

Pinky was hospitalized with fluid therapy and supportive care. A urinary catheter was also placed and the stones were flushed into the bladder.

After discussing the best available options with Pinky’s owners, it was decided that surgery was the best way to treat his urinary obstruction. Dr. Daniel performed a successful cystotomy. A cystotomy is a surgical procedure where the bladder is opened. This allowed Dr. Daniel to look closer inside of Pinky’s bladder. Dr. Daniel found a large amount of cystic calculi and grit and was able to remove it all.

Pinky came in at the beginning of this week for a recheck. He has recovered fantastically, just in time for Christmas!

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