Tyson’s Surgery

Meet Tyson, a 2-year old Bulldog mix. He presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists during our emergency hours after being attacked by two dogs. Owner reported that Tyson was bleeding from the mouth and that mandible seemed fracture, showing a lot of pain. Tyson also sustained bite wounds on right forelimb and hindlimbs.

Tyson was seen by Dr. Luis Garcia, one of our emergency veterinarians. In order to stabilize and manage Tyson’s pain, Dr. Garcia put him under IV fluids and supportive care. Dr. Garcia also performed an oral exam and cleaned and treated his lacerations.
The following morning, Tyson was seen by Dr. Alvaro Larin, one of our Board-Certified Surgeons. Dr. Larin performed a successful left mandibular fracture repair and used external pin fixators.
Tyson came back for his rechecks and suture removals. Jaw fractures normally tage an average of 8 weeks to heal completely, but so far Tyson’s jaw healing process has been great. His limb lacerations have healed completely and he is doing great back at home.

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