Tibial Fracture Repair

Tibial Fracture Repair

Max, a 4-month old Boston Terrier, was presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists during ER hours for hind leg lameness. According to his owners, Max started limping on his left hind limb after falling off from the bed.

He was seen by Dr. Christopher Potanas, one of our veterinary surgeons. Max’s radiographs were taken and they confirmed a left tibial fracture. It is very common for small dogs to suffer from tibial fractures after landing from a fall or being stepped on.

Dr. Potanas discussed the best available options for Max with his owners . He recommended surgical fixation to prevent angular limb deformity with stifle complications in the future. Ultimately, it was decided that surgery was the best option for Max. Dr. Potanas performed a left tibial fracture repair, which consists of using bone plates and screws to stabilize the fracture.

Because of Max’s young age, he will heal more rapidly than other dogs. Regardless, he will need to be strictly confined for 4 weeks. He was hospitalized for two nights for monitoring and pain management before going back home. According to his owners, he has been doing great. However, because he is such a happy and energetic puppy, he is not having the greatest time being confined.

Be patient Max, you will soon be back to running and playing like a normal puppy should be!

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