Foreign Body

Puppy Eats Foreign Body

Meet Finley, a 5-month old Poodle mix pup. He came to Miami Veterinary Specialists because he ingested a foreign body. Any guesses as to what it could have been?

According to his owner, an hour before rushing to MVS, Finley ate a pair of underwear! He was seen by Dr. Samson Daniel, one of our veterinarians. With the help of Dr. Laura D’Amico, he carefully discussed the best available options with Finley’s owners. Because only one hour had passed, the underwear was still in his stomach and there was no need to extract them through surgery. It was decided that induced emesis (vomiting) was the best plan for Finley. Dr. Daniel used apomorphine , a medication with the primary function to induce vomiting in dogs.

Finley was able to safely throw up the underwear and was able to go back home the same day. We just hope that he doesn’t find his way back to his owner’s underwear drawer any time soon!

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