Meet Ninja!

Ninja is a 6 1/2 year old now-neutered Yorkie who presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists with bilateral perineal hernias. At the time of presentation, he was not neutered. He was evaluated by Dr. Sarah Evans, one of our board-certified surgeons, who recommended surgical correction of his perineal hernias and castration. Perineal hernias are a condition seen almost exclusively in intact male dogs; the testosterone is thought to weaken the muscles as well as increase the size of the prostate resulting in straining to urinate and defecate. The extra pressure of straining further weakens the muscles, resulting in perineal hernias.

Ninja underwent surgery to repair the hernias with traditional herniorrhaphies (elevation of the internal obturator muscle) and castration. He had a good appetite and was defecating soft stools the day after surgery. One of the post-operative goals for Ninja is to keep his stool soft so that he continues to defecate regularly. He was discharged two days later and will be back in two weeks for suture removals.

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