Jungle Island

Jungle Island Recognizes MVS

On Wednesday, November 14, representatives from Jungle Island thanked the staff at MVS for all of their hard work in saving Peanut, the beloved orangutan who was suffering from cancer.

Jungle Island presented a one-of-a-kind painting by Noel Kassewitz, commissioned by Jungle Island to express their gratitude to MVS for the life-saving surgery they performed on Peanut.  In the painting, Peanut is pictured in front of a CT Scan with her hand outstretched towards the hand of a doctor, as if asking for help.  Our team at MVS was able to provide that help to her.

Peanut was initially brought into MVS because she was suffering from an intestinal obstruction that needed immediate attention.  Our veterinarians had to resect a segment of the intestine, which is a risky procedure, especially in a large primate.  It was then discovered that she had cancer and the team of doctors had to complete additional surgery to help cure her.

Check out the video of the presentation here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42RhsWTdDwc

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