Cullen Labrador

Dr. Potanas with Cullen

Cullen is a Labrador Retriever who is about 3 years old that was found in Tampa, FL and brought to a shelter with multiple injuries. He was cared for and neutered at that time, until our friends at Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida got involved and brought him to Miami. Cullen was brought to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a consultation with Dr. Christopher Potanas, one of our veterinary surgeons. Dr. Potanas found that Cullen suffered from a highly fractured left tibia (shin bone), dislocated and fractured piece of his ischium (pelvis), a fractured metatarsal (bone in his foot), and unfortunately developed a severe swelling of his scrotum at the neuter site.

Dr. Potanas recommended that Cullen’s fractures be fixed and that a scrotal ablation be formed to prevent hematoma or abscess. Cullen’s tibial fracture was fixed with a bone plate, screws, and intramedullary pin and the ischial fracture was corrected with a lag screw and anti-rotational pin. The soft tissue surgery was also performed successfully. Cullen’s metatarsal fracture will be treated by Cullen wearing a splint on that foot. Cullen recovered well from anesthesia and relaxed comfortably in the hospital for two days before going back to his foster home.

Cullen was seen one week postoperatively for a bandage change and found to be doing extremely well. He is already walking on his surgical leg and is very comfortable at home. Dr. Potanas expects Cullen to make a full recovery, but it is going to take him around 8 weeks to heal completely.

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