Dog Femoral head and Necksteotomy

Meet Fabio, a 10-year old Pomeranian. He presented to Miami Veterinary Specialists for a surgery consultation. He has shown signs of intermittent mild hind limb lameness for a few months now. During a visit to his primary care veterinarian, radiographs revealed a right craniodorsal coxofemoral luxation. This occurs when the head of the femur becomes dislocated form the acetabulum (the femur’s “socket”). Fabio was seen by Dr. Laura D’Amico, one of our board-certified veterinarians. During Fabio’s examination, it was agreed that surgery would be his best option.

Dr. D’Amico performed a femoral head and neckosteotomy, a surgery that involves the removal of the femoral head and neck of the femur. With this procedure, bones of the joint are no longer in contact, eliminating the pain caused by the contact between the bones.With the removal of the head and neck of the femur, the surrounding muscles and scar tissue will eventually work as a false joint.
Fabio is wearing a big smile because he is starting off his week on an already excellent path to recovery.

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