Blondie’s Story

Today we have a great story to share with everyone and it’s about Blondie, a brave 8-year old Dachshund mix. Blondie was rescued and adopted by her parents when she was about 2- years old. She quickly became a very special dog member of the family and built a strong bond with her younger brother Buddy, a now 6-year old blonde Labrador.

A couple nights ago nights ago Blondie and Buddy were being walked by their dad when suddenly an aggressive dog attacked Blondie. The dog was able to get a hold of her and shook her violently until Blondie’s owner decided to step in. Having to deal with an aggressive dog in order to save Blondie was not easy and by consequence, the owner got it as well. It was in that exact moment that Buddy, Blondie’s younger brother, decided to step into defend Blondie and his owner! Thanks to Buddy’s courage, he was able to break the fight quickly enough to have Blondie rushed to our 24-hour emergency animal hospital.

Blondie was in terrible shape. She had various puncture wounds, was extremely bruised and was unable to walk. After being seen by Dr. Juan Sardinas, it was concluded that an abdominal exploratory surgery was needed to heal Blondie. During the successful surgery, Dr. Sardinas found that Blondie was suffering from 2 abdominal hernias and 3 sections of intestine damage which needed to be removed and restructured.

You’ll be glad to know that Blondie is recovering well after surgery and is back home with her family. And as for her brother, Buddy? He walked away from the fight with a notable laceration on his neck. But no worries… he returned home to his owner (who is also doing okay) the same day – after being treated by our amazing team of veterinary specialists team.



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