annie's surgery

Annie’s Surgery

Annie is a 9 1/2 year-old spayed female mixed breed dog.  She can easily be described as a very feisty girl bursting with personality.  She is also very obedient according to her “mom” Alina.  Which is why it was very surprising that Annie ran into the street and was hit by a car on Friday, June 27th.  She presented to MVS on emergency immediately after being struck by the car—fortunately her “grandparents” were aware of the MVS emergency service.  Annie was stabilized, treated for her shock and pain medicine was promptly administered.  Poor Annie was not able to walk on her rear legs due to a broken pelvis.  Radiographs of her pelvis revealed multiple pelvic fractures, including a broken left ilial wing.  Fortunately, thoracic radiographs, revealed no obvious trauma to the ribs, lungs or pleural space.

Annie underwent surgery to repair her ilial wing fracture on Monday June 30th.  The fracture was reduced and stabilized with an 8-hole 2.0/2.7 veterinary cuttable plate (VCP).  Post-operative radiographs confirmed excellent apposition of the bone fragments as well as reduction of the other pelvic fractures.  Annie did very well under general anesthesia and recovered smoothly.  She was continued on a continuous infusion of Opioid analgesics for 36 hours following surgery and switched to oral medications afterwards.

Annie’s appetite returned when she was tempted with boiled chicken.  She was weight-bearing on both of her rear legs within 48 hours of surgery and was discharged from the hospital on the third post-operative day.  Annie’s “mom” received typed discharge instructions describing Annie’s care while in the hospital, a description of her surgery, and detailed instructions for her post-operative care at home.  Annie was re-evaluated at two weeks when her sutures were removed.  She looked great and was walking very well.  Her “mom” reported that Annie was still slow to rise from lying down, but once up, was walking great at home.  At four weeks post-op, Annie continues to do well and is difficult to keep quiet now.  Annie’s spunk has returned, but she is only half-way through bone healing.  Exercise restriction (crate rest and leash walks) continues to be an important part of her full recovery.  She is due for her follow-up radiographs to assess bone healing in two weeks.

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