Veterinary Clinic Oncology

We understand that having a pet diagnosed with cancer can be an overwhelming experience. Enhancing your pet’s quality of life is our first priority. Our board-certified Oncologist is exceptionally skilled in diagnosing and managing cancer. We provide the most comfortable treatments that are available for your pet.

Miami Veterinary Specialists also treats hyperthyroidism in cats through the I-CAT radioiodine I-131 treatment.

Our comprehensive oncology services include
  • chemotherapy
  • surgery
  • radiation therapy
  • immunotherapy
We also provide state-of-the-art diagnostics including
  • digital x-ray
  • abdominal ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • endoscopy
  • bone marrow aspirate
  • biopsy
  • cytology

The goal of the Miami Veterinary Specialists is to make the experience for our clients as stress-free as possible.

To make an appointment please call (305) 665-2820

When you call, a scheduling staff member will assist you. A referral to the Miami Veterinary Specialists can be requested by your veterinarian as well. If it is not possible to keep a scheduled appointment, please contact the scheduling staff at least 24 hours in advance. If you are going to arrive late, please contact the scheduling staff as soon as possible.