Words from our pet parents…

At MVS, our goal is to provide the best possible specialty care for your pets. Here are just a few of the notes we’ve received from appreciative clients and their pets.

I found all the staff to be very professional, helpful, caring, and understanding. Dr. Alvaro Larin was incredible. He was very honest, and straightforward which indeed I valued very much. He gave me a lot of confidence and because of that my 4 leg boy is having surgery with him.


I have taken my dogs on Emergency basis to them and they have always been honest, extremely comforting and have always told me what to do should this ever occur again. I feel that they have to make a living but in no shape or form are they there to take advantage of you like other 24/7 clinics in the area. I would highly recommend them for Emergency services and as your regular Vet as well. They are a bit to far for me to take all three dogs to them for regular VET services but wish I could. Thank you so much!


It’s overwhelming and very stressful to bring your dog into to the Vetenerian’s office. But Vetenerian Specialist is been for my dogs the best., they have been so on point and assertive in their diagnose that actually it’s impressive. They waste no time to try to get to the bottom of what is wrong and the treatment. It may seem expensive but truthful you don’t have to go back 5 x to the vet’s office to find some answers. My experience is been very positive. Thank you !!!


We can’t thank you enough for everything you did for our “kid” Hazel Anne. Everyone at your Hospital was very professional, but most importantly, you went out of your way to keep us informed with the Doctor calling us twice a day! We have had the same Vet for 30 years, Dr Joseph LaCret. He spoke so highly of you, he was right. I would refer you to everyone. Again thank you so much for everything you did to help Hazel and to keep us “SANE” during our unexpected crisis. Hazel is home recovering as are we! Even though it was our first time at your Hospital, you made us feel that Hazel was your most important patient! Again thank you for everything you did for our family.

Warmest regards,

Ken Rau, Chip Fitzgerald, and Hazel Anne

They are SO friendly and helpful and caring. I could really tell they care about my pet and they try to make sure that I know how she is at all times. JUST EXCELLENT!!


Knowledgable staff and very sweet to Lola, no wait time. They are willing to help & they’re not out for your money.

Best vet experience I’ve had. Thanks Doc & Guillermo


Our little 6 month old Westie swallowed one of her treats that got lodged in her esyphogas. Of course it was after hours when our vet was closed. We took her to a 24 hr emergency vet. After x rays told us Sophie would need a specialist and referred us to MVS. They immediately took our precious little one and examined her. The dr on call that night decided to wait till the next morning in case she needed major surgery. Next morning they were able to dislodge the great thru her esophagus. They have kept her comfortable as she recovers. She should be home soon. They are wonderful. They let me know I can call anytime day or night. As a bonus, the attending Dr called Sophie’s vet and keeps her updated. I highly recommend MVS for any emergency you may have. The only draw back is they are 30 miles from our home. But I am hoping we don’t need to visit them anytime in the future.


Most compassionate emergency clinic I’ve ever been to they didn’t attack for payment they took in my puppy worked on him and never spoke money until after first the pets needs then the money talk came after, extremely considerate of the family’s feelings highly recommend best clinic ever !


I had a great experience. The doctor and Guille were both so helpful and great with my dog. Thoroughly explained what was going on, did what they could to cut costs and made us feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend!


Wonderful experience! We have a very anxious, scary, 150 lb dog that most vets would either just sedate and do minimal work on, or have us calm him down by literally sitting on him. He had surgery at another vet, which he had to do twice b/c he would bite through the stitches, and so the cut got infected -ready for surgery #3. The doctor at MVS was completely available and attentive to our dog and us, even on a Sunday, and fixed him up without treating him like a vicious attack dog. He was beautifully cleaned and wrapped, and he’s completely well even after a week of the surgery. The doctor even called us to see how the dog was doing, and also to see why we hadn’t come in for the follow-up. They were very courteous and treated our dog with great care. The price wasn’t too bad either (much less than the other place we had the surgery done twice!). We’ll be back for our other dogs, whether it be for a big job, or a routine check-up!!


Recently had to take my cat for emergency attention since he had become anorexic.
I was very impressed with the attention, caring and expertise Milo received at the Miami Veterinary Specialists. They zeroed in really fast on a diagnosis and treatment. They were also very caring and sensitive to his needs. I would highly recommend the facility to any pet parent. It’s really like the Mass General of veterinary care!!

Aracelia and Milo

I have been to this hospital numerous times over the years…for the most part I have had to go due to an emergency with one of my three dogs (2 English Bulldogs, and 1 Golden Retriever). Last Christmas Day, my bulldog Chewy had to have emergency surgery because he swallowed something and couldn’t pass it. The staff was awesome from beginning to end. This past Sunday I had to take my Golden Retriever and from the time I walked in the door I was greeted with warm smiles and a staff who treated me like their best friend. I was greeted by Veronica with a big smile and just plain sweet. George the tech took all the vitals and info on Pudge and then Dr. Perez came in and took over. Great staff. Everyone was concerned for Pudge’s well being. Thank you for always giving us the best care.


Dear Dr. Oberthaler,

There are not enough words in any language that can express my gratitude for you.  I am so grateful for your never ending patience, your extensive knowledge, your genuine passion for animals, and last but not least your EXCELLENT bedside manners. Thank you for saving my baby’s life and for making it possible for Toby to have another birthday this year. We will always be grateful for what you’ve done for us. Toby is so blessed to have you in his life.

Monica and Toby

I have to say that it has been the continual support and encouragement of the MVS staff during my visits and especially Dr.’s Evans, Nareddy and Perez advice, and expertise that have gotten both Annie and I through this ordeal. I know that Annie and I are blessed to have each other and that we’re blessed to have the Surgeons, Doctors and staff of MVS helping us move forward.



Dr. Wosar and Staff,
Thank you all for taking such good care of Max. He means so much to me and I am blessed he’s had such good people to watch and care for him when I couldn’t.


Dr. Sardinas and Staff,
Words just don’t seem enough to express our gratitude for what you did for our “spuds”. It’s a miracle that he’s doing so well. Spuds is walking again and I (we) can’t be more grateful. He’s our baby, a very important member of our family!Thank you for everything. You’ve given us the chance to have many more year with Spuds!

Thank you
Angela and Roy

Dear Dr. Woser,
Thank you for bringing back joy to my life. Seeing Lola running around happy fills my heart with smiles and
love! Your kindness and tenderness with us will never be forgotten.

Ana & Lola

Dear Dr. Sardinas,
In our busy lives chasing our own tails, we often don’t take the time to express our thoughts to those we often think about writing to, or calling. I am one of those people. Daisy has made a great recovery from her surgery early this year. My wife and I really appreciate your skill, compassion and caring. Your staff was also caring
and attentive, as well as responsive to our questions and concerns. Daisy thanks all of you too!


Dear Dr. Wosar,
It is a joy to see some one who is so caring and understanding of a difficult situation. If I were in need of
help I would feel safe in your hands.

Thanks again,

Dr. Sardinas,
I’m so thankful for you! I hope you’ll always realize how very much you mean to those whose lives you’ve
touched along the way that you’ll know the happy smiles you see….are the thank you’s words alone could
never say.

Rambo & Debbie

Dear Dr. Larin,
There are many who practice your profession but very few who do so with genuine passion and concern for the well being of all animals. We are so blessed that Sasha landed in your hands when she was barely taking her last breath. She is alive and well today, only because of the special care and treatment you gave her. We are eternally grateful.

Sasha & Lizette

Miami Veterinary Specialists Team,
Words can’t describe how happy we are that you saved Scooby’s Life. We will have you in our hearts forever.
God bless you all.

The Marrero family

The staff of MVS,
Words cannot express our gratitude for the excellent care our dog, Lola, received at your facility recently.
We are so thankful we came to you in our moment of crisis. Lola is doing extremely well and is pretty much
back to her old self and…her little “sister” Marley, is very happy to have her back home!

Kristin and Fernando

Dear Dr. Wosar and staff,
We greatly appreciate all that you did to save Grover Jack’s life after he ate his 4′ nylon leash. We will
never forget you or the staff for the caring professional skills you all exhibit.

With sincerest gratitude,
Dave, Karen & Grover Jack

Dear Juan,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Coco. He is doing great!


Dear Dr. Wosar and Staff,
My family and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for my
successful surgery and your kindness in accommodating me into your schedule in such short notice. I am
happily recuperating by the pool drinking my favorite frozen drinks with my bully buddies…oops sorry
just dreaming! But not snoring anymore! I feel and breath better already. I am eternally grateful to you
and your staff!!

Drifting away in Margarita,
Buster Magoo

To Dr. Sardinas & Staff,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for Cappuccino. He’s recovering very well. I really never
thought I would ever see my dog walk again. You all are miracle workers. My family and I are forever grateful.

With love,
The Reyes family,
Duran Family & Cappuccino

Dear Dr. Larin,
Thank you so much for the time and care you gave Bandit. He will be missed but we rest well in the knowledge that he always had the best chance to live under your care.


Doctor Larin and Staff,
Thank you for all you did for Tigger. He will see you soon.

Tigger and Scooter

Dear Dr. Sardinas,
Thank you very much for seeing Scarlett and for being so concerned and checking her heart with and ECG.
You have been so kind to me and my “kids” – I just Cannot express how deeply that has touched me. Dr. Carro is my hero and I’ll be grateful to her forever for referring us to you.

P.S. Precious is walking normally – no more limp.

Warmest regards,

Dear Dr. Wosar,
I want to take a moment of your time to thank you for fixing my broken little cat Paradise. You and your staff were wonderful and kind in a freaked out moment for me. I am most grateful to you.

Paradise is doing well and ready to go. However, she is still in “kitty recovery” and she has her hospital
room at home.

Paradise and family

Dear Dr. Larin and Staff,
Jessica and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Pepper our Australian Shepherd – an
important member of our family.

The emergency room staffs was thorough when we brought our sick puppy in at midnight on 2/14/07 and they reacted swiftly when she became even more ill during her visit. We were so scared for Pepper and we are so happy the emergency room staff did what they were able to do so Dr. Larin could see Pepper in the Morning.

Dr. Larin – thank you for taking the time to speak through Pepper’s conditions with us during our multiple visits over Pepper’s two day stay with you. Thank you for caring for Pepper for the allowing us to have private visiting time with her. Bringing Pepper back to health mean the world to Jessica and I.

It has been about 10 days since we left your hospital and Pepper had become as vibrant and happy as she ever has. She is so happy! Thank you for saving her.

Sincere regards,
D.J. and Jessica

To Dr. Larin and all of you at MVS and everyone else who helped Bruiser get well,
Thank you so very very much for bringing our boy back (even fi he is now a girl! And for your patince with my calls…thank you…so much.

Karen, Richard and Bruiser.

Dr. Alvaro Larin, DVM,
Thank you for operating me and giving me the treatment I needed. I am now in my house with my family recuperating from the surgery and we are all glad.

Thank you for you love and concern. God bless you.
Aparicio (Santana’s Family)

Dear everyone at MVS,
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and the thoughtful supportive words. It was so appreciated by my family.

I want to thank you for the care and kindness you gave Monty. I know it helped to give him a good quality of
life in his last years. I miss him so much but know it was the right decision.

Thanks again,

Dear Dr. Larin,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on our Crogi, Bandit. He is doing much better, walking and living a good quality of life. We know he was especially difficult to handle so please pass along our deepest appreciation to you patient staff.

Ricardo, Tim, Lourdes and Bandit