Referral Form

We want to be the specialists you turn to!

Appointments with a specialist are only taken by referral from a veterinarian. Please ask your
veterinarian if a specialist should be consulted on your pet’s problem. When a referral is indicated, your primary care veterinarian will discuss this process with you.

Routine consultations and procedures are available Monday through Friday. However, for emergencies and critical cases a doctor is on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Copies of your pet’s records, lab reports, and X-rays should accompany you on your first visit. Any further diagnostic procedures may require fasting the pet prior to your arrival. If you have any questions, please consult with our receptionist.

After a consultation, a medical plan will be prepared. A deposit is required on all hospitalized patients, with the balance due upon discharge.

Please note that appointments are taken by referral only. Throughout the patient’s treatment, we maintain open communication with the primary care vet, and upon completion of the treatment the patient will return to their veterinarian for routine care. Please feel free to discuss any part of the MEDICAL PLAN with the staff. PROFESSIONAL FEES ARE DUE AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE RENDERED. Your pet must be parasite free upon admission to the hospital. This policy is to prevent unnecessary transmission of parasites to other patients as well as the protection of your pet. If your pet has parasites, they will be treated at your expense.

Please call to have a receptionist schedule an appointment:

(305) 665-2820